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NETSCOUT Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTCT) is a provider of application and network performance management products. Headquartered in Westford, Massachusetts, NETSCOUT serves enterprises community, government agencies and telecommunications service providers.

A former employee shares his experience on, "Quotas at Netscout are unrealistic. Sales cycle can be very long. The products themselves are great and they work, complex but they work. Multiple acquisitions have made some customer challenges."


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Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"* Bleeding employees. Upper management has tried to get employees to take on other work instead of recruiting. * Toxic environment and messaging. There has been a few known problematic employees that bring constant drama to main communication channels. * Huge cutback on promotions and raises. This forces employees to "fight" each other for them. Drink the kool-aid. * Two managers talked during a team lunch about an ex-employee in which they specifically tried to get rid of because "he was weird""

Former Employee - Senior Sales Engineer says

"Trying to grow organically and with greenfield accounts but can't so just flipping existing accounts and selling to the carrier space over and over. A lot of old school people and managers that have no idea how the industry has changed or what actual cybersecurity means. My boss after many many years still admitted he had no idea of my job role nor even the expense reimbursement process. There is an air of entitlement with the Netscout culture, they look down upon everyone else and act like everyone owes them. HR is aware of this and does nothing, they were worthless. Heck even during the sales kick offs, one of the EVPs did a presentation comparing the President to an orangutan. HR obviously didn't care nor did other executives because it happened the next year also (2 years in a row!) If any employee said that about any peer or any other No rewards for thinking outside of the box or creating your own business practices Slow growth expectations which will ultimately just have them fade off quietly and take all the old guard with them. Had one of the nicest managers of my career but also utterly the most worthless as no one would back their employees, self preservation ruled"

Former Employee - BDR says

"Management doesn't always stick up for their direct reports, processes change constantly without much reason, pay is not fair across similar roles. There is lack of communication and consensus between inside and outside sales - keeping it impossible to measure accurate metrics toward success. Little to no technical training provided. Product portfolio is confusing and evolving (i.e. name changes, branding changes, integration promises....) Getting answers about pay, time off, checks, etc seems unorganized. Basically this company bought a bunch of other companies without a plan to integrate not only the product lines, but the internal systems needs for a workplace to thrive."

Former Employee - Sales says

"All decisions begin and end with the CEO. Do not come into a role here thinking that you will be able to use your brain and opinions to help the company to reach corporate goals. They hire and acquire really smart people who are capable of making huge impact, but they place little trust in those people to do their jobs well. It is sad, because Netscout could be making big gains; however, between the lack of trust in their employees and the all elderly male review they have running the show, Netscout will suck the life out of everyone there and maintain status quo in the market."

Current Employee - Field Marketing Manager says

"The priorities change like a revolving door. If you are not on the inside, or a favorite employee it is virtually impossible to get a raise, bonus or work on any fulfilling project."

Former Employee - Senior Software Engineer says

"Closed circle of execs running company to meet their ego and not serve the employees or the shareholders. CEO is full of himself and completely out of tourch with the market. More interested in writing his book than retaining good talent and listening to professionals. Sr. Management is a revolving door. The only Sr. Managers left are butt kissers."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Where do I start? Terrible raises, terrible attitudes, leaders are either completely oblivious or completely condescending. They are not approachable at all. It's a dictatorship where all crap rolls downhill."

Current Employee - Assistant Project Manager says

"Old school thinking, high level management is stuck in the good ole boys club."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Monolithic & subservient management structure built on distrust and no collaboration. All roads begin and end with the Founder/CEO. There has been no systemic growth in NetScout since its founding. It has been a carefully orchestrated, or clumsy, series of acquisitions to prop up top-line revenues, and mask the real narrative of declining growth and value across all segments and markets served. Unfortunately, NetScout bit off more than they could chew when they took on Danaher's Communications platform. I cannot believe that institutional investors continue to hang on. One should carefully evaluate any institutional investor that continues to pour money into NetScout."

Former Employee - Director says

"Mgt the worst. CEO RULES. Major ego. No room for growth. Co thinks it’s bigger than it is. Stop buying companies and focus on you core competencies."

Solutions Architect (Former Employee) says

"Quotas are unrealistic. Sales cycle can be very long. The products themselves are great and they work, complex but they work. Multiple acquisitions have made some customer challenges.Great for employees that are not driven to exceedBonuses are non existant"

Senior Staff Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Great company that treats its people with respect. Great product. Great people. Willing to let people take initiative and otherwise grow in their fields. Willing to allow people to explore other roles in the company."

Sr. Engineer (Current Employee) says

"They work on legacy systems from old Danaher companies. Wanted to make structural changes but this is not possible if old folks are still working in their comfort zone. I hate meeting at 5:30 PM for 2 hours on quite regular basis. No work life balance.Job Security, health care"

CSE (Former Employee) says

"there are two classes of people at NETSCOUT: Individual Contributor, and Manager. The managers never leave, nor are they ever forced to, regardless of performance. Yet there is a "burn and churn" mentality toward the individual contributors with high turnover. Recent VSP allowed the best and brightest basically to get paid to leave.good facilitymediocre management"


"A typical day at work was figuring out which fires to put out when, and prioritizing work myself due to lack of management involvement other than throwing my coworkers and I into fires, some real, some not. Every day was a challenge and I learned new things by doing them, but there was a definite lack of management responsibility, accountability, and responsiveness. While coworkers and I worked hard, management was stuck in meetings about future plans, of which only about 20% were actually put into action. Meetings took place one week, actions were assigned, and then those same actions would change the very next meeting without anyone knowing they did other than management. The hardest part of the job was making decisions for management, since they did not want to pull the trigger on ANY action, then being told that the plans had changed (they would change the decision behind employees backs) and then blame us when things did not go as they thought it would. If the team did well, management was promoted. If the team did not do well, employees were punished. It was not a place for much growth - there were hiring freezes, years where no one got raises due to the company having issues with selling their product or customer satisfaction/quality of product, and overall the company did not seem like it had a clearly thought out method of delivering a product to the customer, only that the product was "flexible" and "we are changing the product to meet customer demands" which were plentiful since the customer base was a very broad "anyone who uses a network uses our product". TheCheap Cafe with Premium Lunches, Free Drink Cooler, Great Healthcare, Family environmentPoor Management Skills, Lack of Trust between employee and employer, Poor Communication within the company"

SQA Principal Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Although the work can be challenging, many peers have left because the new management lacks vision and is demeaning to those employees that are not apart of their inner circle."

Senior Engineering Manager (Current Employee) says

"Not bad for employees reasonable place to work long term vision lacking and not aligned to my goals. Divesting my group because it didn't align with their priorities."

Systems Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Excellent benefits but no chance for other opportunities. Part of a merged company (Tektronix communications) that is suffering from a culture change/shock from the merge. It will take time to sort out and get rid of some of the existing Tektronix managers who have no vision or guts to try anything new. They listen to the ideas that you have and then nothing happens after that. I have spent too much time creating suggestions about better ways to perform work only to be ignored."

Senior Material Handler (Current Employee) says

"Great benefits, slow-paced, extremely long hours at quarter-end, free beverages, shakey job security based on unstable technology market and tendency to outsource."

System Engineer (Former Employee) says

"A typical day in my position included monitoring the alarms & stats. I learn very much about the Unix/Linux equipment. The workplace is relaxed and casual.Great company to work for and learn.Sometimes work weekends and nights."

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Former TekComms company finding it difficult to get momentum. Growing pains of acquisition..Navigating leadership politics continues to be a challenge. Morale is suffering as long-time employees make the decision to move on. CEO and NETSCOUT management team need to make it official and skip the interim management with organizational directives."

International Controller (Former Employee) says

"A good solid software company but a little stuck in a moment. The management are good people but are up against a Boston centric culture. A great company for techies.Safe and solidA little dull"

Engineering Manager (Current Employee) says

"Netscout provides work life balance and many nice perks for the employee's. It was a nice place to work. However, recently we have seen many changes which has brought the employee moral down.Work life balance"

MGR (Current Employee) says

"good people/very dedicated. Good benefits. local to home, can work independently/nice people. all respected. nice environment"